7th Annual Alumni Tournament


Meadowdale Rosters

Meadowdale Columbia (2002-2010): Tyler Chamberlin, Tyler Milam, Paul Werner, Connor Nelson, Roger O’Neill, Jacob Spade, Sam Werner.

Meadowdale White (2014-2015): Barrett Carlow, Jacob Perkins, Caleb Tingstad, Reid Wilson, Griffin OVer, Charlie White, Chiagozie Ezeokeke

Meadowdale Navy (2015-2017): Aidan O’Neill, Kyle Grund, Garrett Walsh, Lee Bruemmer, Nathan Heilpap, Tyree Carson, Zach Walsh

Meadowdale Grey (2017-2018): Drew Tingstad, Zach Plummer, Will Schafer, Drew Harvey, Mason Harvey, Dan Barhoum, Tommy Dimmock, Justin Chambers.


Meadowdale Basketball is pleased to host the Wesco Basketball Alumni Tournament for a 7th time. Once again, the event will take place on the night before Thanksgiving (Wed Nov 21st this year). This is a great tradition where old teammates can get together and compete and have some fun with each other once again. The cost is $25 per player if you are a MHS alum, or $200 per team for non MHS teams. TO REGISTER/PAY, VISIT THIS LINK.

Full rules will be available and posted in the gym on the night of the event. But here are the sparknotes: Games are two 10 minute halves. The last minute of the first half, and the last two minutes of the second half will be stopped clock. When stopped clock is in effect, both teams will be in single bonus (1+1) regardless of how many fouls they've committed. It is more efficient to do it this way than to have refs reporting fouls to the table throughout the game while the clock is running. During running clock, shooting fouls are 1 shot for 2 points. During stopped clock, normal 2 shots. During running clock, "And-1's" are automatic 3 points. During stopped clock, the FT will be shot.